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Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Rose Jurek, Vice President of Program Management
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There are several services an individual may be involved in over the course of their experience at SVRC. For those involved in Vocational Rehabilitation, many areas of interest are addressed. Specific to the individual’s area of interest and/or need, the following is a list of potential areas to improve in order to successfully achieve gainful employment: identify vocational skills and aptitudes, job seeking skills (resume writing, practice filling out job applications, and improving interview skills), job-related skills, daily living/community survival skills, develop and refine positive work habits, develop and maintain positive working and social relationships with co-workers and supervisors, assistance with issues such as hygiene, dependability, work quality and speed, family interference, and mobility training for using public transportation.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services include:

Skill Building Services
Offers individuals opportunities to maintain or increase work productivity, and maximize earnings in a closely supervised setting. Examples of services include teaching participants to focus on work and attend to production tasks and to raise work performance, pace and stamina to job readiness levels. Individuals will acquire appropriate work skills, work behaviors, attitudes, and functional skills necessary to be successful at work.

Community Volunteering
Individuals have the opportunity to volunteer at one of our many volunteer sites (delivering meals to the aged, cleaning non-profit agencies, assisting with social activities at in-patient care facilities, preparing items for re-sale at local thrift shops, and many more). This provides assistance in learning different “jobs” in the community while helping others.

Community Living Supports (CLS)
Assists individuals to become knowledgeable of their community and to use its resources in a safe and productive way. CLS builds socialization, money handling, community awareness, interpersonal communications, and community safety skills. CLS experiences assists individuals to become familiar with the locations of important community resources that may lead to employment safety skills.

School to Work Adjustment Services
The agency contracts with the Intermediate School Districts and the Department of Career Development – Rehabilitation Services to provide vocational programming for students with paid work experiences and a variety of opportunities to learn about employment roles and responsibilities, develop employment skills, and to become acquainted with various businesses in the community. The course toward independence and community employment is designed to be as direct as possible.

Work Experience
This short-term intensive work readiness program provides opportunities for individuals to develop and refine positive work ethics and habits. Individuals are paid for the quality and quantity of work they produce. A Rehabilitation Services Specialist is assigned to each individual. Feedback on progress is presented in monthly staff reporting meetings with individuals, referral sources representatives, parents and teachers, if appropriate, and significant others that the individual may wish to have in attendance.

Job Coaching
The agency provides support to those who need it through Job Coaches. Job Coaches work with an individual to develop work place skills and working on the goals set forth in the individual’s rehabilitation plan. Job Coaches are trained in a Job Coaching curriculum that was developed by SVRC.

Community Based Evaluation
This short-term intensive evaluation of the individual’s skills and abilities is based in the community and matched with the goals of the evaluation. A Rehabilitation Services Specialist works with the referral source to determine the areas that need to be evaluated and develops an evaluation plan from that information. The individual and the referral source are given information on the evaluation process that includes strengths, areas needing improvement, and strategies for improvement in the work place.

Placement (Plan Development, Placement, and 90 Day Follow Up)
The Job Placement department coordinates and assists with the following services: Job Seeking Skills, Job Shadowing, Individual Vocational Training for high school students, Job Development, Competitive and Supported Employment, Work Tryouts, and Follow Up services. Staff also serves as a resource for task and job accommodations, orientations for employers to various aspects of ADA legislation and referrals for services to businesses. Placement targets various aspects of Job Search and Job Retention.

Supported Employment
Assists individuals in securing paid community employment. Jobs may be supported in nature or enclave settings utilizing on-going supports as necessary.

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Industrial Operations

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SVRC Industries is a full service Industrial Services provider: incoming part inspection, light precision assembly, final assembly inspection (gauging, visual inspection), product packaging, and materials management.
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Value Statement: SVRC has 41 years of experience in providing light precision assembly, material management, and delivery services to the auto industry, Department of Defense and other industrial customers.
SVRC’s specialty is providing light industrial precision assembly, material management, and delivery solutions for manufacturers that require fast turnaround times and a zero NCM PPM.

Services Include:
Packaging/Material Staging
Light Precision Assembly
Quality Sorting Solutions/Services
Material Management/Supply Chain
Pick and Pack Operations

Microscope Inspection
Sediment Testing
Aqueous Parts Washing
Label Making with Linear and 2D capability
Hand and Machine Assembly
Machine Shop
Shift Work

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We pride ourselves on Customer Satisfaction.
98% of customers rated our quality of work as either above average or excellent
100% of customers rated our quality of work as average or above
95% of customers rated our timeliness in achieving deadlines as either above average or excellent
100% of customers rated our timeliness in achieving deadlines as average or above
95% of customers rated our problem solving skills as either above average or excellent

“Everyone I have dealt with at SVRC has been very professional and helpful in all instances. Product is always on time and with no defects; SVRC is very accommodating to our needs”

“Excellence is our Standard”

Janitorial Services

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SVRC Industries, Inc. Janitorial Services is your best choice for janitorial services in the Great Lakes Bay Region. With over 50 years of community services we are equipped to handle your cleaning needs. As a customer you will receive a competitive quote for services with a 100% quality guarantee. We can do anything, from full facilities management to a one time cleaning.

Some of the services we provide are:
Daily Janitorial Services – Including offices, schools, businesses, and apartments.
Shift Work – We will work when it is convenient for your company, day or night.
24 hour/ 7 Day a Week Emergency Services – On call supervisors for your emergency to be handled as quickly as possible.
Carpet Cleaning – One time spot removal or 100,000 square feet we can do it all.
Specialized Floor and Wall Cleaning – Let us handle your periodic or “spring” cleaning extras.
Full Facility Management – We can handle everything from exterior grounds keeping and snow removal to interior daily cleaning. Put us in charge so you don’t have to worry about your facilities.

*Green chemical cleaning is standard with all of our services. All chemicals are certified and MSDS/SDS ‘s provided.

Our staff is trained in bloodborne pathogens, asbestos, electrical safety, and will tailor our training to your facility. Our training staff is certified by the Cleaning Management Institution as a Custodial Trainer.


Rose Jurek, Vice President of Program Management
989 752-6176 ext 2147 •

SAIDlogo Saginaw Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilities (S.A.I.D.) is a service of SVRC Industries, Inc. S.A.I.D. is committed to securing for all people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to choose and realize their goals and participate fully in their community.

Services and Programs Direct Assistance
Information & Referral Service – Information on local, state, and national sources of assistance is provided; quarterly newsletters and informational materials on the causes and prevention of developmental disabilities are distributed.

Advocacy – Direct assistance is provided in supporting and defending the rights of persons with developmental disabilities. Working with each person and their families, S.A.I.D. assists in gaining access to services from both the public and private sectors.

Community Informational Sessions – Community educational programs on current legislative issues, trends in services, state of the art programs, local educational issues etc., are offered as necessary.

S.A.I.D. has an advocate ready to assist you or your child in navigating through the Individualized Educational Planning process. If you are new to Special Education and need someone to help you understand the process, or if you have come to a difficult road in your or your child’s education, call us and we can help. We will assist you by understanding the issues and explaining your options, giving you a “roadmap for help”.

Social and Recreational Activities
Friends’ Club – Opportunities for individuals with, and without disabilities, to enrich lives of one another through social and recreational activities. Activities include dances, movie nights, game nights, an annual softball tournament, and an annual Christmas party.

Summer Transitional Experience – A six-week program that provides social, leisure, and environmental skills development to individuals five years and older.

Dance Group – Persons with disabilities are able to express themselves through dance.

Each year, S.A.I.D. offers an opportunity to support our efforts by holding an Annual Golf Classic. It is the first Friday in August each year.

S.A.I.D. is able to provide activities through the efforts of many volunteers and donations.

If you are interested in volunteering, supporting our fundraisers, or making a donation, please call Rose Jurek @ (989)752-6176, ext. 2147.

S.A.I.D. Advisory Board
Denise Stenger, Chairperson – Board member since 1998
Vic Lord, Vice Chairperson – Board member since 2000
Shelley Norris, Secretary – Board member since 2006
Neville Britto – Board member since 1986
Scott Lange – Board member since 2010
Mackenzie Martin – Board member since 2013
Amy Mikolaiczik – Board member since 2000
Sally O’Polka – Board member since 1999
Paul Steinke – Board member since 2014
Sarah Smith – Board member since 2002
George Silvernaile – Board member since 2008
Courtney Steward – Board member since 2012 S.A.I.D.

Deb Snyder, President/COO
Rose Jurek, Vice President of Program Management
LaToya Hamilton, Rehabilitation Services Specialist