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Saginaw Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilities (S.A.I.D.), a service of SVRC Industries, Inc. assisting persons with developmental disabilities and their families. We are committed to securing for all people with mental retardation and other developmental disabilities the opportunity to choose and realize their goals and participate fully in their community.






  • Information  & Referral Service – Information on local, state, and national sources of assistance is provided; quarterly newsletters and informational materials on the causes and prevention of developmental disabilities are distributed. 
  • Advocacy – Direct assistance is provided in supporting and defending the rights of persons with developmental disabilities. Working with each person and their families, S.A.I.D. assists in gaining access to services from both the public and private sector. 
  • Citizen Advocacy – One-on-one relationships between a volunteer and a person with a developmental disability are formed to provide peer modeling, intervention, and practical guidance.


  • Community Informational Sessions – Community educational programs on current legislative issues, trends in services, state of the art programs, local educational issues etc., are offered on a quarterly basis.
  • S.A.I.D. has an advocate ready to assist you or your child with the Individualized Educational Planning meetings at your school.  If you are new to Special Education and need someone to help you understand the process, or if you have come to a difficult road in your or your child’s education, call us and we can help. We will assist you by understanding the issues and explaining your options, making calls necessary to resolve issues, or by attending the meetings with you to assist you in getting the most out of your education.


  • Quality of Life Evaluations – Trained volunteers visit group homes to assure that the quality of life of residents is both valued and respected by the residential care providers.


    • Friends’ Club – Opportunities for individuals with and without disabilities, to enrich lives of one another through social and recreational activities.
    • Summer Transitional Experience – A six-week program that provides social, leisure, and environmental skill development to individuals five years and older.
  • Dance Group – Persons with disabilities are able to express themselves through dance.







 S.A.I.D. Current Events




S.A.I.D. Advisory Board

Denise Stenger, Chairperson – Board member since 1998.

Vic Lord, Vice Chairperson – Board member since 2000.

Shelley Norris, Secretary – Board member since 2006.


Neville Britto – Board member since 1986.

 Amy Mikolaiczik – Board member since 2000.

Sally O’Polka – Board member since 1999.

Sarah Smith – Board member since 2002.

Deb Egerer – Board member since 2007.

George Silvernaile – Board member since 2008.

Courtney Steward – Board member since 2012.


Scott Lange – Board member since 2010.

Traci Young – Board member since 2011.


S.A.I.D. Staff

Deb Snyder, Vice President of Consumer Services

Rose Jurek, Consumer Support Specialist

Heather Weiss, S.A.I.D. Activities Coordinator