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Behavioral Health Services


The staff at the Westlund Guidance Clinic realizes that life is full of challenges. It is our pledge to help you through those challenges with respect, dignity, and understanding. Everyone at some point in their lives has had personal issues, issues with family, and loss. Seeking help is not admitting failure or assigning blame. Call 989-793-4790 and let our Masters level therapists and staff psychiatrists utilize best practice counseling services to help  reach your goal.rsz_westlund2

The Westlund Guidance Clinic provides best practice counseling services to individuals ages 3 to Medicare related to grief and loss, behavior problems, divorce adjustment, resolving trauma, evaluations for Attention Deficit Disorder, anxiety and depression.  In addition, we provide specialized mental health contracts that can help you lower consumer treatment costs while increasing consumer quality of life through community based services. The Westlund Guidance Clinic accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and the majority of commercial insurances. 




The Facts on Cyberbullying                                        Self Esteem                     

Effective Discipline for Kids                                      Anxiety Disorders

Trauma and Grief Guide for Parents                         Improving Study Skills

Delaying The First Drink: A Parents’ Guide            Overcoming Addictions

Understanding Attention Deficit Disorder                Adult ADHD: 50 Tips

Social Skills for Young Children                                Community Partners 

I invite you to read some consumer testimonials from our 2009 Consumer Satisfaction Survey and download our brochures related to customer service, counseling services, psychiatry services, and Parenting for Success program. 

If you have any questions about how the Westlund Guidance Clinic can help you achieve your goals please contact Erin Nostrandt LMSW at 989-793-4790 or enostrandt@svrcindustries.com.

Westlund Guidance Clinic- 3253 Congress Ave. Saginaw, MI 48602