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Mission Statement

SVRC Industries, Inc. creates and sustains opportunities and support systems for persons with barriers to employment and community access.

We address the mission by…

Recognizing that challenges of our customers have the highest priority.

Delivering an individualized service system that stresses self-determination and is based on the unique needs and abilities of each participant.

Educating the public about barriers for the disabled to employment and community access.

Advocating for solutions to disability and rehabilitation issues.

Forming partnerships and collaborating with other organizations, businesses and schools to maximize our effectiveness.

Combining financial strength, programmatic diverse options and quality improvement strategies.

Concentrating our resources to have the greatest impact.

Embracing managed care initiatives in an effort to provide quality services and customer satisfaction.

Using our industrial operations as the hub for service delivery systems.

Delivering services that reflect the values of our customers and the citizens in the communities we serve.

SVRC’s Values



We understand that planning for the future is crucial to our consumer base.


We commit to a comprehensive and unsurpassed level of service to all our customers.


We incorporate an outcome measurement system to ensure quality customer service and satisfaction.


We believe in full collaboration with community partners to provide maximum efficiency and utilization of resources.


We will continue to listen to the needs of our customers and community.


We display empathy while still empowering our consumers, customers and employees. We strive for excellence as a team.


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